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To reach an international important state in the automotive and mattresses sectors trough the continuous improvement of our processes, with a strong integration of R&D, and counting on the effective training and motivation of our human resources.


To create value for our clients, employees and shareholders, to be effective on our target markets, with ambition, innovation and competitiveness, thus improving our performance and quality, maintaining both ethical and sustainable development principles.


To ensure total customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Teamwork, communication, straightforwardness and transparency: to promote team work, attention to detail, individual responsibility, initiative, innovation, confidence and communication, thus enabling a genuine feeling of membership, shown by the mutual cooperation and participation of all interveners.

Passion and drive force for continuous improvement
Place passion, innovation and creativity into everything that we do, contributing to the development of the best solutions, products and services, attaining the best results and continually surpassing the expectations of all of our clients, partners and employees.

To reach, in a continuous way, the most effective indicators, in order to fulfill our mission, ensuring the present and supporting the future development.

Personal appreciation
Invest in the personal and professional development of employees.

Social and environmental responsibility
Respect the wellbeing and the community future in which we are situated, fostering an active spirit of social and environmental responsibility.