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  • Flexipol started off in 1964 with an industrial facility located in São João da Madeira;

    During this time, the facility was dedicated to the production of PUR foam for upholstery;

  • 1974 – Production begins on PUR foam in blocks at the new facility in São João da Madeira;

  • 1981 – Société Industrielle Bertrand Faure, S.A. acquires Flexipol, increasing the Automotive business volume.

    1982 – production of hot molded foam begins;

    1987 – another important event: the acquisition of the production line of Polyester foam in block.

    1989 – a new line of production is acquired for the production of high resilience molded foams.

  • 1991 – Bertrande Faure becomes the majority owner of Flexipol;

    1995 – through the installation of the Baumer cutting line, the process of foam roll cutting begins.

    1995 – the same year, the company gets NP EN ISO 902:1994 certification.

    1996 – Grupo Copo acquires Flexipol

  • 2000 – start of the new line for the production of molded mattresses and pillows.

    2000 – Installation of the second Baumer cutting line to transform 60 linear meters blocks into roll.

    2001 – UNE EN ISO 9001:2000 certification.

    2003 – a carousel is installed for the production of cold-molded pillows.

    2005 – the third Baumer cutting line is installed for 60 linear meters blocks.

  • 2012 – ISO TS; ISO 14001; NP4457 certifications achieved.


Founded on the 30th of April 1964, Flexipol demonstrates nowadays, great adaptation skills to the constant market evolutions tendencies.

Focused on the clients, with the premise of Improve the present and create the future, Flexipol has been developing and investing in their processes to meet the demanding’s of its clients.

Today, it is a solid company, operating in different business areas (automotive, mattresses, footwear, furniture)… thanks to qualified multidisciplinary team. They have been the company’s main tool in becoming internationally recognized as a supplier and as a partner.

Starting its industrial activity in 1964, with the production of Polyurethane foam along with upholstery manufacturing, the company quickly got known in the market.

This way, it felt the need to increase facilities, taking in account the growing and developing needs of the industry.

As so, in 1973, started the construction of the actual plant. After one year, the production of Polyurethane foam in block was already a reality, adding a new technology to the process.

Over time, the market needs have been pushing for the constant changes, capacity increase and process optimizations.

During almost 50 years, many remarkable events have occurred and elevated Flexipol to what it is today, a company acting in different markets with recognized value..

The history will continue to be built, during the following years, with its clients, and especially for them…