To achieve an important international status in the Automotive and Bedding sectors through a continuous improvement of our process with a strong involvement of I+D+I, counting on the training and motivation of our human resources.


Create value for customers, employees and shareholders by acting in our target markets with ambition, innovation and competitiveness, thus increasing our performance and quality, while maintaining the principles of ethics and sustainable development.


To ensure the total satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.

Teamwork, communication, openness and transparency: promoting teamwork, attention to detail, individual responsibility, initiative, innovation, trust and communication, thus managing to build a genuine sense of belonging, translated by mutual cooperation and the participation of all.

Passion and drive for continuous improvement
To put passion, innovation and creativity into everything we do, contributing to the development of better solutions, products and services achieving the best results and continuously exceeding the expectations of all customers, employees and partners.

To continuously achieve the best indicators in order to fulfill the mission, guaranteeing the present and sustaining future development.

Valuing people
Invest in the personal and professional development of employees.

Social and environmental responsibility
Respect the well-being and future of the community in which it operates, fostering an active spirit of social and environmental responsibility